When December rolls around its a very festive time around town, and its hard not to get into the spirit of Decemberily. Every year as a kid my parents would buy a Christmas tree, and my sister and I would decorate it, and every December 25th we would wake up super early and find presents underneath it. Joyous times indeed. The thing is I don’t know what possessed my parents to get a Christmas tree considering that they’re completely Buddhist, and I don’t even know how they even knew what to do.

Its been years since i’ve had a tree ever since my sister moved out of my parents house, and i basically became cynical of the consumer aspect of Christmas that i just plain skipped it in years past. Up until this year i really didn’t care about it, but for some reason last week before Joy’s holiday party we were walking through Target in Tustin, walked into the garden center with the overwhelming smell of pine. Instantly Joy and I looked at each other knowing that we were going to get a tree this year.

Now that i’m all grown’d up it was time for me to pick out a tree of my very own. Today after having dinner with David in Alhambra we headed to Target in Pasadena and rummaged through all the 3-4 Noble Firs we finally found the gem that would sit in our living room for the next three weeks. We brought it home, and I trimmed it and put it on its stand while Joy baked snickerdoodles. We both cleaned up and decorating it with red and white ornaments, and finished it with red lights that my sister left at my parent’s house. I hope Robot Santa doesn’t come and kill me now.

tree1.jpg tree3.jpg tree4.jpg

Thanks to David for the pictures @ Target.

1 thought on “Short, Fat, and Red all over

  1. No, Robot Santa will see the tree, mistake it as his twin, and do battle with the tree while you and Joy sneak out of the house.

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