Work might not have been able to pull itself together to put on a Holiday Party, but at least the nice people at the X Games invited us out to their little shindig at Air Conditioned (Lincoln). We tried to go right after work at 7 but the party didn’t start till 9:30, so we went to main street for some burgers and beer. We drank about 4 beers then Jonathan dropped us off so we could hang out with Crystal and Danny. We went to the bar ordered up some shots of patron, and when we handed them money, the nice bar tendered told us it was an open bar. OMG, WTF, were in the eyes of Marc and I as we did the slam dunk dance all night long. Chrissie, Marc, and i were seriously the kids of the place as we didn’t dress up, and were the only ones dancing 10 feet from anyone by ourselves. The night was filled with shots and beers with everyone we knew, and boy did i pay the price this morning. Poor Marc didn’t even make it in this morning, but i felt better when i got an email from Crystal at noon saying she wasn’t even in the office yet. I’m just getting too old for this stuff, my body just doesn’t bounce back fast enough. Thankfully Al Noor at lunch somehow managed to settle my stomach for the rest of the day.

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