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So at work we trying to keep up with the times, and use the latest and greatest technology.  So the last site that we’ve built is actually a very good looking, and functional site, but only IF you’re using Firefox. I’ve never had a site come back and bite me in the ass for so many tweaks just to get it to work on so many different browsers.

Everyday it seems like something else isn’t working, so i have to go in and fix another problem.  The biggest issue of course is for internet explorer 6, which is by far the biggest pain to work around since M$ decided basically block flash apps, and it only took 6-8 months find a good work around.  I wish i could really take the stance and basically say, screw M$ and their shotty programs, but when statistics show that 35% of people still use IE6, you’re surely going to run into a client that has a browser that doesn’t support something.

Its back to programming for the lowest common denominator again.

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