My parents are the slickest, and un-slickest ever.  So for the past couple weeks my mom kept calling me to ask me what i wanted for christmas, but i didn’t really ask for anything, and just last week my dad called me while shopping asking me if i had gotten a replacement for the Minolta G400 that broke a few years ago.  I didn’t put it all together until they gave me my present which ended up being a Canon SD750.  I was almost too embarrassed to take it, but of course i did because its nice to have a camera that actually fits in my pants pocket again. Also since my parents trying are always looking out for me, my dad also found a replacement on craigs list for Joy’s camera that i broke a few weeks ago.  Thanks dad.

To round out the gifts my sister bought me a Edge Brownie pan and ordered a fresh batch of brownies for the Christmas dinner.  “Two delicious, chewy edges on every individual serving,” perfect for all those tasty edges that we fight over all the time. So i have to say that it looks delicious, but i’ll wait till dinner to see how tasty they came out.

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