I haven’t had much time to sit and catch my breathe this week. I really can’t believe its already Friday night because i don’t know where the week went. Work is going really well right now, and i’m just constantly trying to keep things organized in the office. We’ve got some 30+ jobs going on right now, with at least one rush job coming in a day. Jonathan is doing his best splitting time between the office and taking care of Noah, and his body is taking a toll on him. Its pretty crazy to see first hand how having a baby can completely destroy your sanity if you’re up at night changing diapers and still trying to keep up a day job.  We even made time to go to a networking party that probably didn’t yield any business, but at least we had an excuse to have a couple drinks for the first time in months.  Its was a pretty interesting thing to attend since this was something new, and it was interesting to observe how people love talking to Jonathan, and really just ignore me.

I hope the rain today keeps on going so that at least the local mountains will get some snow.  I’m not going to have much time to get out on an extended trip, but hopefully i’ll be able to go on my annual ski trip.  Hopefully i’ll have a dream that i was snowboarding, because i wont be able to go out anytime soon.

2 thoughts on “Dreaming of Snow

  1. oh come on johnny i am sure some one talked to you. you are hardly the wallflower. tell jonathan that it will get better with time. thats a complete and total fabrication, but at least tell him that. give the poor bastard some hope.

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