I guess Santa Monica has a way of pulling people in the same way it did me.  First it starts out with just being by the beach, then you visit 3rd Street Promenade, then the farmers market, and by then you’re swearing to move there.  My old friend Toshiaki from elementary school, who i haven’t seen since 1996  came to the same conclusion in less than 24 hours.  Toshi moved back to Japan in the 5th or 6th grade and thanks to the internet i think i finally have a way to keep in touch with him, considering the only way before was the snail mail or the telephone.

The day/night started by me having to go pick him up from the LAX, but the funny thing was that i had no idea what he looked like, and the best memory i have of him was back in 4th grade when he still had a southern accent.  Thankfully it was pretty easy to pull up to the curb side waiting and spot him out.  We went to grab dinner at C&O for some tasty pork, and pasta, then went to 3rd Street Promenade to do a little walking, and finally ended the night at Arsenal for some beers.

In the morning with woke up and headed to the Sunday Farmers Market for some breakfast, and went to ZJ Boarding House before heading off to our 20 year, 4th grade reunion.  My how times have changed, but at the same time hasn’t.  We all looked the same, act the same, just put on a little weight, and got married and had kid, … ok so maybe somethings did change.  Good times all in all.

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