I’ve definitely got my winter coat going even before Thanksgiving. This whole past week has been a whirlwind of eating and drinking, and not much else. The only thing that i know to show people when they come to Los Angeles, is where i like to eat. Forget Hollywood, Melrose, or any other tourist traps, i’m all about showing whats good to chow down on.

In one very short week i took Toshi to eat Italian (C&O), Breakfast (SM Farmer’s Market), BBQ (Barn Burner), Thai (Thai Taste), American (Yardhouse), Indian/Pakistani (Al Noor), Korean BBQ (Manna), Burgers (In N Out), and finally the Fried Goodness (Café Orleans), Chinese (Ten Ten), and Coffee(Starbucks) to finish it off. Thankfully Curtis took him out to Albertos for some Mexican which i would have gladly taken him, but thankfully didn’t.

It doesn’t help that this week is Thanksgiving and i’ve got at least two dinners to go to, but i’ll try to do my best not to explode when my mom cooks up some of her Thai BBQ Chicken. Wish me luck this weekend.

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