I’m sad to announce that Señor Fat Fat has reappeared.  I thought that he’d gone away forever but after this weekend he’s back.  Thanksgiving plans got shifted when my mom got the flu and was stuck in bed resting it off.  So Joy and I headed over to the Lao’s for some turkey, and all the fixings.  Friday we went to Joy’s cousins house for much more turkey, and all the fixings.  Saturday my mom got well enough to cook some of her famous BBQ chicken, korean BBQ beef, and cheesecake.  The famous peanut joke came around again when my mom packed Joy a bottle of peanut sauce and warned her to watch out for me eating it all, of course the whole family joined in for a good laugh.  Sunday Joy took some of the left over beef, and made some really tasty Kimchi Fried Rice, and topped off the weekend by making some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

Seriously, i’m going back to the two beer diet.

7 thoughts on “Señor Fat Fat returns

  1. At least you had a bowl of salad before the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies!! Hahha…don’t finish them!

  2. I went on the two beer diet. Not only is my stomach back to being nice and flat (seriously), but my mouth has never loved me more.
    It’s so win-win it’s not even funny.

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