The text message that i’ve been waiting for all day yesterday finally arrived at 12:36 announcing the arrival of Noah Evan Wang (N.E.W.!?). The actual birth time was three hours earlier but with all the cleaning measuring and everything else it took a little longer for the message to get out. He’s got Janelle’s nose, and Jonathan’s eyes for sure. Supposedly he’s got a super grip, so much so they couldn’t even pry it open, and he instantly clutched onto his blanket (no waffle blankie anymore). I figured he must have been holding on for dear life for the past 9 months as Janelle flipped, spun, and stayed inverted in her pole dancing classes, and birthing yoga classes. He’ll probably end up as Jonathan’s worst fears … a Jock.

p.s. everyone is doing fine … 11/08/2007 @ 9:45pm-ish, 7lbs, hairy.

3 thoughts on “Rock Star … Artist … or Athlete??

    I was going to organize a break out if it didn’t happen this week. Happy birthday, Noah!

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