Congratulations to Curtis for coming in first at the annual COC Tournament of Champions.  This year we held it at the Ontario Mills K1Speed indoor track, so that we could get everyone in to participate.  Brock hooked it up by getting us the Le Mans package for twenty bucks less, and it was a really good time.  The place is pretty cool, with two indoor tracks, ten cars at a time, with time trials, and a final race off.  The competition was rough, and i got spun out a few times, t-boned, and seemed to get stuck behind Jocelyn in every race. In the end i couldn’t keep the car from spinning out on the final race, and for the first time didn’t finish into the money position.

Afterwards the only problem was that my body was ruined afterwards with all the muscles surrounding my spinal column being completely in pain.  I have to give it up to Nascar drivers for being able to maintain their cars at high speeds for 500 miles. Next year i hope it gets back onto the golf course so that i can be pretty sure that i’ll walk away with a nice bottle of alcohol.

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