mio_c220-thumb.jpgI haven’t done a Black Friday for some years now, ever since the groupies were getting up earlier and earlier. I don’t mind getting up at 7 or even 6, but any earlier than that is just too much for me. Ben actually called me last night to see if i wanted to go to the Citadel for some midnight shopping, but after getting quite a dose of tryptophan for dinner i was in no shape to fight the crowds. The thing was before going to sleep last night Joy and I did see that there were going to be some pretty good deals for a couple things that we could really use.

We didn’t really have a plan, but just woke up and decided to head down to Circuit City on 4th street just to check things out. I wasn’t too surprised that the store wasn’t that busy. Sure there were plenty of people there, but everyone was just roaming around at their own pace. We took our time and picked up a nifty portable GPS unit for $99, Super Mario Galaxy for $35, and a 2GB SD Card for $7.99. It was a very enjoyable day of shopping for a Black Friday.

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