I figured this would be appropriate time to talk a little about my internet habits if like anyone cares. There are a few pet peeves if anyone knows me i am quite adamant about. The two strongest has to be my hatred of myspace, and dumb celebrities. Myspace has to be the bane of anyone with any sense of design. If you can get the site to even load up, your presented with what you would get up if you let a dog eat ten different cans of paint and gave him an hour to crap it out the back side on a nice white carpet. Actually it might be better because you wouldn’t have some music being forced to be loaded along with 40,000 pictures of 100,000 people you don’t actually know.

The latter are dumb celebrities, actually most celebrities, not just the dumb ones. I honestly could give a sh!t about what any pretty girl or boy who happened to sleep with the right guy, or happened to be born from a well off family would have to say or sell, but don’t get me wrong, i love reading crap sites like wwtdd, or dontlinkthis just to brighton up my day, but really i hate paparazzi, and the kids that want to grow up to be another uneducated waste of space.

Sorry i had to precursor my fondness of two things that i find to be the exact opposite of the two yet exactly the same. I recently joined facebook just a few months ago after much resistance on my part because i feared yet another social networking black hole, but was surprisingly overjoyed with a sensible sense of design, and networking interactivity amongst your contacts. Sure 80% of the things you do on there is still a huge waste of time, but the little things like scrabulous, and graffiti wall (like the picture of koa my sister drew for me) make it just that much worth it to log on and see whats going on.

Then i happened to go onto the only celebrity blog that ever makes me not want to gouge my eye balls out, and kick them down the sewer, Mr. Kevin Smith. Sure most of his blogs are about what TV series he’s watching or what movie premiere he’s attending, but at least he seems pretty real with whats going on in his life. His latest post happened to state that he joined facebook, and in the most classic of ways announces … “This is me. Poke a bitch.” Too funny.

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