I think i finally have woken up from my relaxing time in Hawaii. Joy and I enjoyed our little trip to the island, for the sun, the beach, the water and the food. We really made use of the time we had, from sunrise to sunset, and everyday was different.  We basically used yelp the entire trip to help plan the places we ate, and places we visited.  It was nice having the access to thousands of opinions so that we didn’t waste our time on crappy tourist trap food.

On Wednesday we arrived at Honolulu International Airport to a bright and humid weather. While waiting for our shuttle to take us to our hotel it started to sprinkle. Joy warned me that this would happened but i had no idea it would be like that the entire trip. We spent most of the first day just exploring Waikiki via theBus, and on foot.

The next morning we hopped onto theBus once again and headed to Hanauma Bay. The 45 minute trip took us straight to the parking lot where we jumped off and went down to the water. We snorkeled, and kicked it on the beach for a couple hours before we decided to leave, and on the way out we bumped into Joy’s cousins who happened to go to the same beach the same day. We also discovered Kapahulu Ave. where a bunch of great local restaurants reside, from Leonard’s Bakery, to the Rainbow Drive-Inn. I cold got a little worse so we got some medicine and made it an early night.

Friday we decided to hangout with Joy’s cousins and head to the Dole Plantation and the North Shore. The day was filled with pineapple Dole whips, and lots of tasty shrimp. The waves weren’t cooperating with us that day, and so we didn’t get to do too much at the beach. For my birthday dinner Joy’s family treated me to a nice Crab leg buffet at the Hilton, and we finished the night sipping a piña colada at the Moana Surfrider Hotel just watching with waves.

Done with the bus system i picked up my convertible and headed to Diamond Head. If you have to do anything in Hawaii its to rent a convertible. The sun and the wind, and the freedom of just cruising around the island is the only way to do it. After Diamond we spend the day driving up the east coast and visiting Kailua Beach, and Lanikai Beach. The night was topped off by my real birthday dinner and Sam Choy€™s Diamond Head Restaurant. The service wasn’t great, but the food eventually came and we we’re delighted with everything we ordered.

The last day we had to check out of our hotel room, and made us nomads in our car. We checked out the Aloha Stadium swap meet, and explored some of the other beaches we missed the days before. We basically just tried to enjoy the last hours of relaxation, and visited the last spots we planned on going. Great trip overall, and i can’t wait to travel with Joy again.

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