The weekend finally came to a conclusion last night, and i really wish i had more time with everyone in town. For Janelle’s baby shower berna and brenna flew in from the eastcoast, and my sister just so happened to be in town as well. I somehow managed to fit in a baby shower, a birthday, two weddings, and a retirement party for my uncle in less than 48 hours. My wallet wasn’t the only thing to take a hit, because i was soooo tired by the time i hit the pillow sunday night.

Saturday morning kicked off by a very nice baby shower for baby Noah. Papa Wang was still recovering from the night before but hung in tough the entire afternoon. Janelle had some games, and gave out some gift cards to the winners. Joy and I moved on from the shower to her friend’s birthday party which happened to be in Alhambra which was a plus for us since the wedding at night was in Monterey Park. Where we ending up going for Jeff and Tina’s (i had other people take pictures this weekend) wedding reception and feasted upon a ten course meal. The friends were the their typical selves, and they both looked very happy together. Good luck to them.

Sunday we were suppose to meet up with Berna and the gang for brunch, but I had to go south to see my sister and give her my birthday present to her. We hung out until my Uncle retirement party where we stayed for about 30 minutes before heading to Robin and Teresa’s wedding. Another 9 course meal awaited us, served with bottles and bottles of wine. It was a very fun event, with the Star Wars themed slide show, and the good food served which i would have to say was better than the previous’ nights dinner. I know Robin and Teresa will be together for a very long time, or until Robin explodes from eating too much of Teresa’s food.

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