There’s not much parking out in Santa Monica, so for work i have to park on the street. I don’t really have a problem with it, because its not that hard to find parking. Move to this past Wednesday and as i approach my car i see something on the windshield. As i get closer i noticed my side mirror is bent in, and that the mirror is on the ground. Great, i think, at least they left a phone number one my wiper. Not like my car needs any more problems (auto door locks don’t work anymore). So I get home, and i give the number a call and what do i get but a disconnected phone number message! Really i think i’d rather get no phone number at all versus getting a bogus one. Does the person feel that at least he looked like he was a good guy and wanted to say he was sorry, at least he could’ve left a number to a mechanic to fix it, at least that would have been funny. Thank goodness that i could just pop the old mirror in place, and it just has a small crack on the corner. I really need to take care of my car.

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