I think everyone by now knows that the only show that i truly follow is Top Chef. I’m glad to see that Hung won season 3 even at times i thought he was a jackass. The producers of the show probably made him out to be the antagonist of the show, but not as bad  as Marcel or Stephan from past seasons. Even with his brash personality, and elitism, he proved he had the right to be, and he proved it throughout the competition. All the chefs seemed better than last season, but i think season 1 is still the best one. I just don’t see them creating extraordinary dishes as season 1 did, but i don’t know if its because of the competition or just the matter of skill. I just hope the producers just let the chefs cook.

Not that it really matters but it was cool that the little asian guy stepped up and took down all the other chefs. He just reminds me of Chef B over at Mozza working his own magic. I always wonder how he would do on Top Chef, but i think it would be below him to do it. Maybe i’ll just enter him myself.

Till season 4, i’ll be watching reruns.

1 thought on “Letting it all Hung out

  1. Chef B. isn’t enough of a bitchy queen to hack it on the show. The chill, vodka swilling chef won’t last a day.

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