Ok i have to admit that i’m afraid of salt.  Not in the way that i run away when i see a pretzel, but in the fact that when i’m cooking that a pinch of salt for a vat of soup is about as much as i put in.  I do a lot of cooking on the fly so when i’m seasoning things i tend to under season.  Its not like i don’t have the spices but i can never convince myself that the amount i should put in, is the right about.  I think i have the image of food.tv chef’s just doing pinches of this and that, and not a two tablespoons.

Thankfully Joy’s been doing most of the cooking and she doesn’t have a fear of salt.  Its a don’t ask don’t tell relationship because everything is so tasty, but if i knew how much she’s putting in it would probably affect me mentally.

6 thoughts on “Afraid of Salt

  1. Sorry baby, but sometimes Asian cooking involves fish sauce. That’s probably what makes it tasty. Next time I’ll start measuring it out. =(

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