Thanks to everyone that came out to Long Beach last night for my early Birthday Party.  If you didn’t know i’m heading west to Hawaii for a little vacation.  I think everyone that arrived was a little confused about the location, but i just wanted a place that was in between LA and OC.  It turned out well, and the place was really cool in my personal opinion.  I got very good reviews on the mixed drinks, which i can confirm they were very strongly made.  Too bad the DJ wasn’t there this night, because it probably would’ve made it just a bit better.

This morning it felt like i got hit with a truck.  I have no idea what happened, but i had one of those hangovers that lasted until the late afternoon.  I couldn’t keep anything down until the late afternoon.  I wont go into details but it wasn’t pretty. Thankfully i feel better now, and i’ll have a couple extra days to recover before my trip later this week.

1 thought on “Puka Bar pre party

  1. hey bud! sorry couldn’t make it =( was at my cousin’s engagement dinner…glad to see you had lots of fun…

    HAWAII?!?!? man…LUCKY!!!!! when are you leaving?

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