So when ever there’s a festival going on, i might not understand what they’re saying, but i know i’ll be getting some good food.  Boy were we wrong.  We made it a little adventure to go to a Korean Festival going on in K-town, so we hopped on the Metro down to Wilshire and Normandie.  The bus ride was quite interesting because the Metro Rapid has a TV showing the news, and has a live msn map showing where you are as you travel.

When we got off we walk about three block south to a huge gathering of Korean businesses at Seoul International Park.  The smell in the air smelled great, but when we got there it didn’t seem like there was much to choose from.  Everyone seemed to be selling the same food, and at $10 a plate it was not like it was cheap or anything. We eventually settled on some Korean sushi, and some meat on a stick.  The food was pretty bleh, because it just seemed massed produced and sitting out for hours.  Too bad, now i had a hankering for some good Korean food.

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