I thought by growing up and getting older i wouldn’t have to see my old arch nemesis red cough syrup. I hated it so much as a kid, and would literally run from my mom when she tried to force it down my throat. I always needed a glass of coke to get rid of the taste in my mouth.

I got sick three weeks ago from a littler cat allergy, and now i have this nagging cough i tried to get rid of by drinking lots of water, Gatorade and Tylenol, but alas i had a nagging cough that always ruined my sleep. I finally broke down and went to the drug store on Sunday to pick up a bottle of the red stuff. Here i am almost 28 years old, and had to reacquaint with my old friend red cough syrup. I do have to say its working, and the taste is the same, but at least its palatable now. (Thanks to my friend Jack Daniels it doesn’t taste as bad as it use to).

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