Amazingly this picture was taken at about 9:30pm. Brian literally was done in about an hour and half, and we didn’t see it coming. Noel seemed hell bent to get Brian and himself trashed beyond belief and i think he did a good job at it. I got there at 8, and by 9 Brian was slurring, and bumping into things, and changing shirts because he kept spilling drinks on himself. I didn’t even have time to get a real buzz on by the time he was passed out in bed. Noel was out cold a few minutes after Brian, and we had a little fun with him at his own expense, but we were all pretty sober so its only natural to screw around with the person passed out.

I’m not sure what happened but before we knew it we were out of there before 11, heading over to Alberto’s for some California burritos for a night cap at Curtis and Jocelyn’s house. Happy birthday Brian, hope you didn’t pee i the hamper again.

1 thought on “Early 36th, early night

  1. Yo whats up dude.. That was an interesting night. It was like the role was reversed for me. I watched everyone get lit. I was thinking damn am I that crazy? Anyways, it was good to see you bro. Hey, I got my blog thingy working! My host gives a free app to do it now.

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