00:31:24 @ 5K, Pace 10:06.

01:07:11 @ 10k, Pace 10:48.

01:47:08 @ 15K, Pace 11:29.

02:33:20 @ Finish, Pace 11:41.

Finally my body is recovered enough to do a little recap of the weekend’s events.Joy and I stayed over my parents’ house on Sunday night so that we wouldn’t have to drive so far since we had to be at the race course by 5:00am. For once in my life i could really appreciate central air conditioning. Anyhow when we woke up the humidity was already up there, and the heat was already turned on outside.We arrived to the park and step outside the parking structure to a sea of people, an estimated 10,000 runners, and who knows how many spectators. The race started promptly at 6:00am with fireworks in the sky, and mickey mouse waving to you as you crossed the starting line.

The first 5k were really enjoyable as we got to run inside california adventures, and disneyland which flew by quite quickly.  Once you left the park it was a whole other story.  The sun was just shining into your eyes, and the course route took you through the streets of anaheim. Not until you hit mile eight or so you got to the Pond, then to anaheim stadium where you got to see yourself on the jumbo tron as you ran by the cameraman.

The last leg of the run brought us back to california adventures and into downtown disney for the home stretch. There were a bunch of people cheering as you neared the finish line and crossing the end was a joy i’ve never felt before.  We received our shiny new medals, and a solar blanket after we got our time chips clipped off our shoes, and made our way back to the general meeting area.

I got a blister at about mile four, and my body compensated and in the end made my right hip, and left knee hurt.  Even with the pain every timer we passed i was actually very surprised to see us so far ahead of schedule.  My legs were ready to give out on me as i finished two and a half hours of running and walking, but i made it.  As a treat we went to Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen for a tasty Beignet.  This may be my first and last halfathon that i do, but it was sure worth it.

drace1.jpg drace2.jpg drace3.jpg drace4.jpg

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  1. Congratulation!! I knew both you can did it!!

    I was also thought about running last week, but instead I bought donut.

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