“Hey woman, get in the kitchen and make me a chicken pot pie!”

Last weekend we were at the market and saw one of those mini cook magazines you see at the checkout stand with some mini chicken pot pies, so what better way to make use of our ramekins that we used for french onion soup, but to make some pie!  Thanks to my sister who left me a few rolls of pie crust on her move up north we had basically all the ingredients we needed.  It was a very simple recipe that basically consisted of chicken, peas, carrots, salt, pepper, chicken stock and flour.

I don’t have the recipe on me this time because Joy was the one that found the recipe online somewhere, but it turned out quite delicious.  The crust was nice and golden crispy and the innards were boiling hot that scolded my tongue each  time i took a bite.  The smaller size made it seem like we ate nothing at all, but we did each end up eating two apiece.

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