I find playing on the internet relaxing, so don’t think too much of me blogging while on vacation.  Joy and I arrived yesterday to some nice humid weather and a light sprinkle.  We spent most of our day/night getting familiar with the “Thebus” since thats how we’re going to be traveling most of our trip.

It sucks that i got sick all over again, and i’m sure i’m bugging everyone around me when im coughing while on the bus, or at the beach.  At least its not contagious, no around me has gotten sick because it as far as i know.

Still lots to eat, and see, and i’ll have more pictures up later.

3 thoughts on “Aaaaaaa Loooooo Haaaaaaw!

  1. I am envy you!

    This is weird because when I wake up this morning I was coughed a lot too. I almost drive to Jamba Juices first for Immunity boost, but instead I didn’t. I am glad that I didn’t because I almost missed good parking spot.

  2. Dude, my brother used to live in one of those buildings. He loved it except for all the car crashes he’d hear and call the cops for.

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