So its been about a year since i joined my little basketball league out at University High. Its been a very welcomed routine in my non-routine sort of life. Its good to know every Monday night @ 8:00pm i can get at least ten good games of basketball in. The people that play are as diverse in lifestyle, and career as in their playing style. Strangely enough there are like 4 graphic designers out of the twelve of us. The rest includes a couple guys that work at the UCLA medical center, a lawyer, programmer, textile company owner, musician, and a few others i don’t know. Conversations never get very deep, all very surface level topics, because its all about the game.

Games are fast, competitive, and a great workout. The court is on the smaller side so we play 4 on 4 full court, so players can’t take a play off or else they’ll get burned. We have a even share of big guys, quick guys, shooters, post players, and the in between guys. Games are rarely a blow out, and often are won purely by hustle. The only problem is that we ALWAYS need an extra person because someone tends to get hurt. Sometimes we don’t have a substitute and have to play the entire two hours straight.

This weekend i found out the Big Jeff tore his Achilles playing basketball last week, and is now in need of surgery. Everyone has a story of this person had a heart attack, this person broke their ankle, always trying to caution me about playing. Its as if i’m playing with a loaded gun its seems to me sometimes. I’ve thankfully haven’t had a major injury yet but i’m getting really scared. I think i’ve realized that i have to give up the game that i love to play. This could actually be a life and death decision, but man does it suck. How do you just stop doing something that in itself is very harmless, but in the real world seems as bad as an actual contact sport.

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  1. Basketball is more than a contact sport. And as you’ve mentioned in your blog, you have met many different types of people from many different types of lives. It is a tough decision, considering you’ve been able to enjoy the social aspect of the game as well as the game itself.

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