In some weird set of circumstances i went to two comedy shows this week.  Tuesday i went to see Ty Barnett perform at the Hermosa Beach Comedy and Magic Club to shoot some pictures for him.  It was actually a pretty funny show, because there was a mini competition for a spot for some contest being held in Vegas later this month.  Ty wasn’t participating but the other comdians were quite funny.  I still don’t quite like the two drink minimum rule, because janelle was pregnant and had to order sparkling water, and Barbara (Ty’s GF) ordered food, and still had to buy two drinks.  I feel like if i’m forced to buy drinks i should have the option to not tip then. Maybe its just a way to make the comedians funnier, who knows.

Last night Chrissie had her chance in the spot light as her improve comedy class did a show (to get more people to sign up for classes) to show off what they’ve learned.  I’ll have to give it up to her, because being up there in the spot light  i’m sure can really affect your thinking, especially when you’re trying to work with other people on a improve skit.  My advice for improve is to just go at it with so much intensity, and every taboo subject you know its going to be funny.

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