2:00pm: Leave for San Diego from Cerritos

Roland and I got very worried when his parents called and said they were just at del mar, and they left three hours earlier!  We got a little worried so we took the toll road and avoided some traffic

5:00pm: Arrive at the Westin

I got a little worried when we go in to register I see Curtis’ parents in the lobby taking pictures, and everyone else already dressed.  Not to fear as we had a half hour to get ready.

5:30pm: The Wedding

Just like old times with the neighborhood again.  I guess i’ve been out of the loop because i just found out that Corinna and Brock are expecting a baby in December.  Where have i been?

6:00pm: The Reception

Open bar.  I actually started drinking back in the room, so i was already at a head start.  I can’t believe i missed most of the appetizers being floated around the crowd because i was starving by the time dinner was served.

7:00pm: The Dinner

Open bar CLOSED? Good thing we brought a bottle of Jack with us to the party.  Honestly the best steak i’ve ever had at a wedding.  It was the first time i’ve ever gotten a steak cooked medium, and was nice and pink inside.  At this point i’m getting past the point of buzzed.

8:00pm: Speeches, Cake, and Slideshow

The party is in full effect, Veronica even caught the bouque.  I’m pretty much wasted at this point just talking to everyone, and drinking more.  I think my exact words were, “This is so fun, i’m sooooo going to puke tonight.” (Thankfully i didn’t).  Steve even got worried enough to call me the next day to see if i was alright, which i was.

10:00pm: After Party

 This is when things start to get fuzzy.  After the wedding ends, Curtis and Jocelyn invite everyone back up to their suite for the after party.  So i go back up to the room and change into my shorts, and tshirts, and start to hang out.  Then an hour later Roland and I decide to head to the Yardhouse, and back again.  At midnight i was done, and headed back to the room for sleep.

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