After countless (3) times i’ve tried to make cream puffs by myself, Joy along with her handy dandy hand mixer got my puffs to rise. I stood next to my mom while she made them and even then i couldn’t replicate it by myself, either the batter ended up to think and made biscuits, or too watery where i tried to make funnel cake with them.  Until this weekend!

They were light, crispy and soft in the middle.  After the last egg was mixed into the batter, i had a very good feeling about it when we started to spoon it onto the cooking sheet.  After about twenty minutes of constantly checking on them we pulled them out to discover how great they came out.  We filled them with jello vanilla pudding (which tiffany got very mad for not making our own), and sprinkled powdered sugar on top for a finishing touch.  We even brought them to Joy’s friend’s birthday party where it looked liked everyone enjoyed them.

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