Nine miles in under two hours. Not bad for just a week before the Disney Half Marathon event. Just another four miles in an hour and a half and we get to say that we finished a half marathon. Although our time probably could have been a little shorter because after the first mile we stopped by the farmers market, then ran to the beach and walked along the venice boardwalk, and at the end the blister on the bottom of my foot developed so we kind of walked the last two miles back home. Not bad considering that the most we’ve run before saturday was back in June with David.

The course looks to be pretty fun for the first 5 miles, then the next 4 seems pretty boring, and the last 4 seem to be not too bad.  I just hope that there aren’t too many hills because those sap all the energy from my legs.  On a more random note, i found out while doing my fantasy football draft that my friend from high school is also going to be running.

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