As a treat for basically finishing up the Disney Project we took everyone out to Universal Studios.  We were originally going to go to Disneyland, but that would be foolish to give money back to the mouse.  Plus Universal has alcohol.  It was sort of a friends and family event too since Joy, Thomas, and Roland joined us on our half day of fun.  We also got everyone an all-you-can-eat pass so that we could just grub all day long and grub we did.

Roland was able to get us ahead of the line for the tram where we got stuck an extra twenty minutes, and onto the Mummy the Ride.  The one thing though is that Jurassic Park the ride is just one unnecessarily wet, literally there were rocks shooting water at us.  Really we were all completely soaked by the end of the ride.

We finished up the night at Air Condition in Venice for a few more drinks and a little 80’s dancings.  Good times.

3 thoughts on “WORK @ Universal

  1. I had lots of fun indeed that night and I got to know everyone a little bit better. I also learned that 80’s music is still my favorite! Go HAPPY GAY FRIDAY!

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