I don’t see why people have issues with Disney making a Rat cute, they’ve spent 50 years making a mouse cute haven’t they?  Overall i liked Disney*Pixar’s Rataouille,it wasn’t quite as good as The Incredibles, or Finding Nemo, but right up there with Toy Story II, and Monsters Inc.  The biggest problem was probably that i watched it after watching Transformers, and that would ruin any movie that you watched afterwards. The movie itself had big appeal because it combined Cooking along with Pixar, which in my book was a for sure winner.  The storyline was creative yet predictable, but very cute, as long as you could get over the whole rat thing.  I’m not sure Joy or my sister could though.

I actually went to the El Capitan to watch the movie, and take my mom since this was her first theater showing in some 30 years!  The pre-show before the movie was ok, but just be ready to hang out with a bunch of noisy kids throughout the whole movie.

2 thoughts on “Rats!

  1. I can deal with the one or two in the movie but not the whole colony at once. It’s like a kitchen full of ants. *shudder*

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