SWAG of bags was the name of the game for Sunday.  I’ve got like five new bags, three Drawstring Sport Pack, a really cool cardboard paper messenger bag and one really huge laundry bag?  We got there extra early and stayed till basically the end and saw everything like four times.  The best booth was the Cartoon Network exhibit because they gave away so much free stuff.  We first started by getting a photo taken with a green screen and then superimposed onto a cartoon network, and a really cool bag.

There were a few people dressed up, but i’m sure not as many as the previous days but still a strong showing.  There was even a guy dressed up as a robotech character.  The show in general was pretty typical nothing truly stood out in terms of booth presentations, but maybe thats just how it is on Sundays.  The funniest thing that occurred though was that i saw quite a few people with Free Hugs signs just hanging out, and by the end of the day i saw a Free High 5s, and a few Free Beatings.

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