Saturday was a feast that left me in a coma.  We started the morning by meeting David and Don at Empress Palace in downtown for some Dim Sum.  Joy and David were hesitant for me to meet Don because they say he’s a bit weird, but I personally didn’t find him that weird but i think its because i hang out with the three stooges at work all day.  After a gut busting brunch we headed out to Grand Central Market, and took a walk around east downtown LA.  Joy had class so we had leave for a few hours, but made plans to meet up for dinner.

On the way back up to LA Joy and I tried calling David but couldn’t get a hold of him so we made a pit stop at Philippe for some of their famous french dip sandwich.  The place was crowded because i guess this is a typical spot for people to go before a Dodger’s game.

David and Don finally got in touch with us and met up with us at Hollywood and Highland.  We went to Hungry Cat first and had some oysters, but couldn’t get seated so we went to the new Palms Restaurant for lots of Thai food.  The Thai Elvis sand, we ate and I was basically passed out driving back to Santa Monica.

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