Fish Caught: 0
Sticks Caught: 8
Mosquito Bite: 9+
Allergic Sneezes: 57

This weekend was a perfect example of good planning, bad follow through. We had our lists, checked them twice, and when all said and done, we forgot tents, sleeping bags, frozen burgers, and a few other goodies. Thankfully we’re a resilient bunch, and made do with what we did have. Other than those missteps we had a pretty successful trip out into the forest.

After a three hour plus drive we arrived at Sequoia Belknap which was one of the first camp grounds heading up into Sequoia so we limited our mountain driving, and were able to setup well before night fall. Our Saturday hike was up near Wichon camp ground and things started off good when we got word that people were catching some pretty big fish, but as we made our way up we got a little worried because the trail seemed like it hadn’t gotten much foot traffic lately with a lot of brush around the path. We did end up meeting up two groups, but that was it for the entire day. We followed the river upstream, and spent most of the afternoon fishing and eating sandwiches.

Sunday we stayed near the campsite and did our fishing in one of the two streams close by. I have to say that i almost caught one fish, because i popped it out of the water, but then got off my hook in the air. Good thing too, because i’d feel really bad if it had swallowed the hook and died. Thankfully Joy saved a caterpillar from drowning to death, and they’ll be one more butterfly in world because of her. Other than the allergy attach i had, i’m looking forward to next year’s trip.

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