After an afternoon in napa can i taste what really expensive wine tastes like?  Probably no, but i do know what really cheap wine tastes like now.  It was truly a new experience drinking wine at 11 in the morning, but it sure was fun.  We started our tour of Napa Valley at Duckhorn where we had a semi-private tasting of some really good wines.  We were guided through five different wines, with a small plates of cheeses and other eats which made the wines change their taste each time around.  Even if it was about a total of a glass and a half, we were already feeling the buzz.   The next stop was Keenan where we tasting a few more wines, and even bought one.  We had lunch there, and then left for our last stop Sterling.  Jesse always ends the day with one crappy winery to compare it to all the good wines we had earlier the day.  So thumbs up for the Napa Valley.

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