This weekend i thought was going to be my only “free” weekend, but it turned out i had plenty of things to take care of anyways. Saturday Joy came over to help me clean up my apartment which has been trashed since my house warming last month. I had three loads of laundry to do, camping gear to put away, and plenty of cleaning to do around the place. We met up with David and his girls at Wat Thai where David got to try out some of his Thai speaking skills, and he’s getting really good, at least for ordering food. At night we met up with Joy’s friend in Newport Beach to eat at California Beach Sushi where we drank beer, and ate sushi until it was literally coming out the other end.

The day we had breakfast with my folks and sister for Father’s Day, and then moved like 50% of my sister’s house to my place, my parent’s and Jesse’s parent’s house. Its still pretty sad that my sister is leaving, no more OC vacation home.

2 thoughts on “Friends and Family Plan

  1. HAHAHA! Korp khun mahk krup, Johnny. Dtorn nee pom poot pa-sah thai dai dtair nit-noy tao-nun krup!!!

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