This is year is really beginning to be interesting with all the babies being born. My cousins Pish and Debbie this week had their first baby Katie.  Congrats to them, and everyone else having a youngling this year. I don’t want to be pessimistic or anything but is it really good to be having all these kids all in the same year? Life is about balance and too much of one thing is never a good thing, but i guess you just have to make it to your advantage.

All the Baptism, 1st birthdays, and all the photo printing going to be done in the up coming year, is going to be making some people very rich, and social security some 65 years from now very poor.  Lets put some things in perspective, in 16 years invest in all car manufacturers, and insurance companies.  In 17 years invest in a limo business, prom dress designer and tuxedo company.  Build your own financial loan company when kids go off into college. Create your own line of alcohol in 21 years (19 more like it).  In 23 years buy as many shares of Ikea as you can when all these kids move out on their own and start to fill their apartment with low cost furniture.  I can go on, but you know what im getting at.

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