faux photoboothSaturday was suppose to start off normally with a little exercise, but for some reason we never got out the SMC pool to swim laps. Before we knew it was had to go to one of Joy’s friend’s kid’s first birthday. I didn’t initially plan on attending but i figured she would be bored so I tagged along. I was pretty happy i did because their food spread was quite impressive. There was so much food that we even brought David a trey full of food when we met up to go to the golf range.

We never made it to that, because i had plan to meet up with my Nina at Lucky Strike at Hollywood and Highland because one of her friends just graduated from the UCLA business school.

I was technically still full from the lunch buffet, but for some reason when i saw the onion rings, and Jesse making a chicken sandwich i became instantly hungry. I didn’t keep it light either, making a sandwich with bacon, to go along a hand full of fries and onion rings, and even having a hot dog later that night. What can i say, when people say free food, and drinks it gets my stomach going.

We did get to bowl of couple frames for people already playing, and i was quite proud to be able to show off some of my more unusual bowling techniques. Like the tipitoe curl, or the screwball, which we both crowd pleasers by the gasps i heard in the background. Their was photo booth there also but it was broken, but Jesse came up with the bright idea of just taking our own photos and saving three bucks. The pictures of course probably came out better than if we would have actually paid, so there’s a win for us! After the last call for free alcohol was said, Joy and I were both pretty much spent for the rest of the night so ended Saturday, with another night of a full belly.

4 thoughts on “Strike Three

  1. I’m glad we didn’t have boogers in our noses or else this picture would’ve been really interesting! Hhahaha…man you forgot about our Sunday at the Chinese Buffet!

  2. No wonder, you look FATter than you’ve ever been, but why you have to make face in almost every picture?!?

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