I feel like a Thanksgiving turkey at this point. I promise i didn’t plan it like this but this is getting ridiculous! This entire weekend was spent just eating till it was coming out the other end (I think i grossed out Joy’s friend by stating that fact). It was nice though, because i got to connect with a lot of people at each eating venture.

It started out Friday night when Joy planned a night of Ethiopian food at Merkato on Fairfax. David and Cheryl met up with us there, and I was ready for my first taste of their sponge bread. I totally got confused when they brought us our appetizer and didn’t give us any plates or utensils, but i forgot that you eat everything with your hands. Everything tasted great, but would have been better if we could’ve gotten the dished at their normal spice level (Cheryl has a weak stomach). I would have to say it was very similar to Indian food, but not quite of course.

For dessert we took David to Diddy Riese for two of his favorite things, ice cream, and cookies. I’m still surprised that he’s never been there, but I’m happy that i could take him. After his Pink Berry experience i knew he was in for a treat. I couldn’t tell if he liked it or not, because he inhaled it before i could ask him. That was just Friday.

2 thoughts on “Stick a fork in me

  1. Don’t to worrying! I thought it that Diddy Riese was so top of all mountain!!! It was so much better than someone brought poundcake to last PTA meeting. Especially because bug were on it. THANK!!!!

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