You know when you’ve grown up because you could just care less.  Last night Chen had a psuedo going away party at Level 3 in Hollywood.  There were so many things that i did that just made me realized how different i was from when i was just a wee lad.

For starters i don’t need to make a fashionably late appearance, showing up early is actually a normal thing for me now.  I actually prefer when the club isn’t so crowded, and i don’t have to fight for drink at the bar.  Personally i think they make the drinks better earlier on also because bartenders are usually in a better mood.  The place was so empty, and Joy was already swaying to the music so even with no one on the dance floor we hit the stage, with probably everyone staring at us, but i didn’t notice.  If they only knew that i’m such not a regular clubber.

I got to say hello to the few people i did know there, but it was really just an excuse to get Joy to wear a dress again.  Always a plus in my book.  At the end we left probably sometime after midnight when the place was really packed with people, and we went out to get some late night thai food in thai town.

Oh don’t ask about the hippo, i honestly have no idea.

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