So i was trying to fix some things on the admin side of my website this morning, and totally forgot to download somethings before i started deleting things.  Thankfully my host automatically backups my website once a week so that i was able to recover my files.   Sadly its still not working right, so might have to do entire overhaul of the website.  Time for a new theme?

Speaking of disaster the blog picture is a shot of Interstate 880 in the bay area that was burnt, and melted down when a gas tanker flipped and caught fire.  Thankfully SF has a decent enough public transit system where you can at least get to places without getting on the highway.  Just imagine if any of the freeways here had to close down for any amount of time.  405? 10?  5?  Talk about traffic nightmare, and the LA public transit system is in no way going to be able to handle any that sort of mess.  I remember when i used to take the Metro Green Line into work, and if i didn’t get there before 8:00am there wasn’t even any parking left.  Even if you get on a rail you can only access 1% of the city before having to transfer to a bus.  Talk about another reason to live closer to work.

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  1. Yeah…sometimes I also wishing that there existed “undelete” for thing that I said to someone in my family last time we fight over last red bean popsicle.

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