The office just got a little more cozy. With the Disney project ramping up to full craziness we decided to go with the nepotism route with getting some help. We’ve brought in Chrissie’s little brother, and Noel’s brother in-law to help out with some of the grunt work here at the office and from day 1, things are flying. Its a strange feeling to be in control of so many people, and its much more difficult to get your work done, and make sure that everyone else is on track with what they need to do. Thankfully Jonathan has done a commendable job for the first couple days, but tomorrow it looks like i’ll be in control of our two new peons. With five people in the office the culture is changing ever so slightly, but in a good way, i think everybody is really starting to focus in on what needs to be done. Fun is fun, and work is work, but i think we’re finding a good balance between the two. Hopefully we’ll have an office party some time this year!

5 thoughts on “Work monkeys

  1. Wow! I’ve never seen so many people in your office! So cool! How exciting…company party…Woot!

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