paint_stains.jpg Can i ever make it through a day without spilling something, or dropping my food on my clothes? I didn’t think so. My mom will be pretty glad that i think my favorite pair of jeans are finally done for. I accidentally sat on top of the lid of the paint bucket last night and now they have a big’ol white circle on my ass. I don’t think people will believe me if i say that its designer jeans, like i do with my other pair.

My dad came by again and finished up painting the other bedroom, but i still need to go to Home Depot to buy one more small can of paint to finish up the other room. I’m almost ready to move in the last pieces of my furniture, and finally take up residency in Santa Monica. Although my dad nixed the idea of bring up the leather couch because it was too big to fit through the entrance way, so i’m probably going to end up trying to reupholster the old couch, which will be a pretty fun project in its own right. You know i’m going to be needing some bandaids for that one. I hope Joys knows how to stop massive bleeding.

3 thoughts on “Walking Calamity

  1. Well, I’ll probably rip the bottom part of your torn up jeans and use it to stop the massive bleeding. So don’t throw it away yet! There’s more use for those pair of jeans. Heheh =)

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