Summer Solstice may still be 71 days away, but i guess its never to early to starting planning ahead anyways.  I’ve been telling everyone that I can’t do anything until June because of a couple big projects at work, and basically in one day i booked my June up.  Just yesterday morning i booked a couple flights for a norcal, Napa wine and SF food weekend. Hopefully when i get back from that trip that i’ll be able to smell the cherries, oak, and other smells of wine rather than just smelling … alcohol.  Everyone says that i would really enjoy SF, but i’ve yet to experience it, so maybe i’ll acquire a taste for the city too.

Later in the afternoon Ben and I found a campsite to do some hunting and fire building at.  Hopefully it will be a nice weekend that isn’t too hot or too cold, and i’ll make sure i have to bring an extra blanket because last time my 30 year old sleeping bag just wasn’t cutting it.  That also just means another trip to Target to go buy some supplies, like a tent, and air mattress.  Hey, and the air mattress isn’t quite for me, i have no problem sleeping on the ground, but if anyone going wants a good night sleep without me snoring it up will be quite thankfully i get that thing.  So bust out those marshmellows, we’re going camping!

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