Saturday started off so beautifully, and ended so disastrous.  I drove up to Mammoth with David on friday night for one last day of snowboarding for the season, and woke up bright and early to get some fresh tracks.  The sun was out, the snow was good for spring conditions and we just got our board waxed.  From there on out nothing went right for the rest of the day.  You know could tell it was going to be bad when we were taking the gondola up to the top of the mountain, and David’s gatorade spilled all over the inside of his jacket.  Then when we get to the top we find that his camera got screwed up a little as well because of the liquid.  So just packed everything up and just tried to enjoy the day.  I was afraid that Cornice run was going to be icey, but it turned out to be really good, too good, because as David headed down he had too much speed going into a drop off and caught too much air and bailed.  I didn’t see what happened, but he was in a bit of pain.  He had hurt his wrist, and ankle which pretty much ended our day of snowboarding.  So we convince the Mammoth people to give us some vouchers to come back again, and left Mammoth around 10:30am.

To turn my mood around i planned dinner with Joy when i got back into town.  What a disaster that turned out to be.  I went to pick her up, and wanted to get some really cheap food considering that i’ve been spending all this money for everything else.  Then Joy got all annoyed that we were going to go eat Pho at this hole in the wall.  She just started demanding that I take her somewhere nice, but i wasn’t having any of that.  We started to yell at each other, and at that point I was done with it.  I just turned around and dropped her back off and left.  It was a fun couple of weeks at least, but i’m pretty bummed out now.

5 thoughts on “Sad day are back

  1. You fooling to me!! I really thoughted that pho making Joy so unjoyful. It doesn’t make it sense too muching because all pho is cheapest and usually I eat it in wall in hole.

    I wish my hand is working to fullest extent of law. But now, only pointer can functions. Hatsforbats IS broken….and that it not April Fools. And pancake was ok.

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