These are my simple tips for doing the world good.

  1. Don’t take a platic bag for a pack of gum, or any other single item you can carry with your bare hands
  2. Buy aluminum can beers, it tastes the same, has the same amount of ounces, and its easier to recycle
  3. Live closer to work, you drive to work more often than anything else in a given week
  4. Bring a bike to work, it can actually be faster for you to bike to lunch then drive, fight for parking, and deal with traffic
  5. Wear t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops to work, you wont need as much AC, and how many people do you actually interact with day in and day out?
  6. Don’t buy every iteration of the iPod or Phone, 100 Million iPods Sold means probably 99 Million awaiting to go to a land fill
  7. Understand that going camping isn’t necessarily benefiting the forrest, the amount of waste produced, and amount of wood being burnt isn’t very enviromentally sound
  8. If you’re promoting “Earth Day” don’t print 10,000 flyers, 1000 posters even its on 100% recycled paper, with soybased inks, they’re all ending up in the trash anyways
  9. Don’t hold a festival promoting “Earth Day” making thousands of people drive in their honking SUV to some poor park so that people can try to make money off of you with other Earth Saving products, that they promote with more flyers
  10. Blame the industrial revolution for destroying the earth, not me.

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