To those who are like my sister, it was an April Fools joke! Read the comment! I love playing these jokes on my unexpected visitors to this small little website. This had to be the best one since back in the day when my site was still hosted on the CSULB site. I was worried though since not everyone reads the comments even though half the fun lies there.

Joy has been a trooper and blessing with helping me move my apartment and hanging out with my parents. We actually went ice skating at the new East West Ice Palace in Artesia on Saturday night, which meant i had to drop by the parents house to say hello. My parents are really easy to get along with, but its always sort of awkward if you know what i mean. After we said our hellos we left and went to Downtown Disney since we were so far south already. It was fun, i never knew they built up the hotel areas so much, and its a pretty fun place to explore.

Sunday we went on our training run, and split and afterwards split an omelet, some coffee, and oj at the farmers market. We needed the energy for the fun of moving apartments, and thankfully i don’t have that much stuff. Joy i found out is an expert packer and i recommend her services to anyone in need of some day labor, her night services aren’t bad either. Kidding! they’re too expensive for me to know.

Today thankfully my dad is coming by today to help paint my apartment, so i feel so lucky right now.

3 thoughts on “Happy April 2nd

  1. Yes yes…I have a bad habit of not reading big title letters. Totally didn’t read the APRIL FOOLS DAY but read the broken hand part. SMRT, I am so smart.

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