Ok, now its just getting scary. Tonight was my date with Joy to get some pizza. I was on yelp again looking for a different pizza place to eat at, and this place called Savoy Pizza & Pasta came up on Yelp. This is no ordinary pizza place i guess because their most famous dish is a chicken and rice plate. So i was talking to Joy online today and she wanted to know if i wanted to go this place to eat and she linked me to the exact place i was looking to take her at.  I guess she drives by it all the time and figured it was time to try it out.  Ok maybe it wasn’t that out of left field, but i think i got the chills when i saw what place she picked.

Tomorrow was suppose to be the day I got to go to Disneyland with David and Joy, and give them my personal tour of the park, but this week David had to back out leaving just Joy and I to go.  The horror.  Now we’re going to be forced to travel alone, get on rides faster, and make funny faces at each other in line without worrying about anyone else thinking we’re dorks, which we are.  Hopefully we’ll get there before the park actually opens, and we can run to the Indiana Jones ride before everyone else.  Coming from LA its going to be rough.

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