I am really having a good time out in Santa Monica, and i’m worried that i’m beginning to lose touch with friends. Its not like i’m doing it on purpose, but its nice to find someone to do all things that i like to do at the same time. I guess before Joy i had to go from friend to friend to fulfill different interests in my life and that got me travelling all over to see different friends. Its not entirely my fault I feel because i always plan my life according to a first come first serve basis, so if any of my friends would call me i would hang out with them, but since no one calls i’m left to my own devices.

This weekend was a pretty unexpectedly fun one. Friday night i went out with Roland to watch Blades of Glory over at the Howard Hughes Center. It was quite enjoyable with all the awkward comedy, i’d recommened a $8-10 value. Saturday was spent in Orange County at my old Costa Mesa Target, and Henry’s while Joy and I killed time before dinner with my family. Dinner was fun, lots of good food and picture taking as usual. Unexepectedly at night we decided to go clubbing at Highlands in Hollywood since Chen said that we could get in for free, and Roland said he was going to be there for a birthday party anyways. It was a great time, and i’m already looking forward to the next club.

Sunday Joy and I tried to run three miles, to try to catch up with our training schedule for the half marathon, and i think we did a pretty good job too. We split a coffee and a Ham & Cheese croissant to tied us over for a unexpected trip to the Wat Thai in North Hollywood. It was thai new years so they had a ton of food vendors, and people there. We actually went into the temple first and did some praying, then got our grub on for a mere $14.00. It was a really good time, yet oddly strange to be hanging out with someone Thai still.

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