After only four weeks of “hanging out,” I’ve gotten to know my friend Joy quite a bit. So much that I think her parents got very curious to meet this person that made her get home late, all sweaty and tired. So I went out to eat dinner with her family on Monday night at NBC in Monterey Park. We got there the earliest, so we took charge and ordered up a bunch of food, from soup to fish. There was a bit of uneasiness because of the language barrier, but thats just going to force me to learn thai a little faster i guess. I guess i felt a little better after the dinner when i gaver her dad a bottle of wine, and his eyes sure did perk up.

Speaking of hot and sweaty, on Saturday we took a detour from our normal run on the beach for some hiking in the Angeles Forest. We tried to make it up to a waterfall, but ended up having to cut it short due to some time constraints. At night it was Bryant’s 30th birthday party out in Silverlake, where the alcohol flowed the minute i got there. There were bottles upon bottles of booze, lots of spring rolls, and a corona piñata. There was much fun to be had in the day, but i was too beat to enjoy it all the way through.

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